fluidified radiotuna

by rodrigo franco

Creating the app

1.download fluid.app here

2.create a fluid application using http://radiotuna.com/ as URL. you can also use the snow leopard like icon found here.

Installing the redesigned style

1.launch the application and go to advanced preferences. there, select "Allow browsing any URL" for now

2.close the preferences window and access "File > Open Location"

3.now paste the follow address in the location bar: http://fluidified.tuna.caffo.s3.amazonaws.com/fluidified.user.js

4.a confirmation dialog will appear, select "Install"

5.from there click in the home icon to return to the main page

6.and hide the toolbar on "View > Hide Toolbar"

Convert the app to a menuitem

1.access the application menu and select "Convert to MenuExtra SSB" and confirm in the next dialog window

2.clicking in the menu icon, open the window and resize to ensure maximum awesome!